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First Time Legendary Oaks Team Member Tournament Host Succeeded on Saturday, 10/27/2018, Everybody Had Fun. Thanks to Everyone and specially to Mayor Michael Wolfe.

The Winners:

Gross Trophy: Armando Flores (70)

A Flight: 1st place: Sef Salas, 2nd place: Armando Flores, 3rd place: Austin Chou. Longest Drive: Aaron Estel, Closest to the Pin: Sef Salas

B Flight: 1st Place Long Wen, 2nd place: Guangying Wang, 3rd place: Charles Alison. Longest Drive: Charles Alison, Closest to the Pin: Long Wen

Lady: 1st place: Anna Wang, 2nd place:Barbara Taylor, 3rd place: Selina Gill. Closest to the Pin: Anna Wang


  • *We still welcome more player to register our Team Member*
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